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Bring Your Project Ideas to Life!

Learn to sketch out ideas and get projects out of your head and on the road to becoming a reality. Whether you want to build something you can hold in your hand or a 3D object that exists only inside a computer, this is the complete reference for making accurate plans and construction patterns for your next project.

Discover how to:

  • Create your own blueprints.
  • Work from photographs and other reference material.
  • Get started making drawings using a computer.

The MODEL DESIGN & BLUEPRINTING HANDBOOK, Volume 1, has received accolades from both modelers and modeling magazines/websites alike. This one-of-a-kind book covers all the basics of 2D design and illustration for model-related projects from start to finish. Whether you want to draw with a pencil and paper or your handy-dandy computer, this book is the place to start.

"... a must-have for anyone interested in scratchbuilding ..."
--FineScaleModeler Magazine


A new revised and expanded Second Edition is now available! This new book features 312 pages and more than 230 illustrations! To buy your copy now, go here.

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MODEL DESIGN & BLUEPRINTING HANDBOOK, VOL. 2: See how both 2D drawing and 3D modeling tools can be used together to streamline the design phase of all your modeling projects and ideas.

MODEL DESIGN & BLUEPRINTING HANDBOOK, VOL. 3: Explore new modeling frontiers as you learn how to turn your finished drawings into usable materials and components in the real world.

HOW TO DRAW ANYTHING WITH A COMPUTER: A Quick-Start Guide for the Craftsman, Hobbyist, and Do-It-Yourselfer See how to get up and running quickly in order to make the drawings you need for your next project.

EASY PROJECT MATH: A Problem-Solving Guide for the Craftsman, Hobbyist, and Do-It-Yourselfer Learn how to read and understand basic mathematical formulas, work with area, volume, scale calculations, fractions, and geometric shapes, and get a variety of other useful project tips and shortcuts.


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