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MODEL DESIGN & Blueprinting Handbook, Volume 1
An In-Depth Guide for both 3D and Traditional Modelers

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**Section 2: Making Construction Patterns From Your Blueprints**

Chapter 4: Pattern Making Basics

  1. Overview
  2. Lines Shown “True Length”
  3. Planes of Projection
  4. Normal, Inclined and Oblique Lines
  5. Normal, Inclined and Oblique Planes
  6. Revolution
  7. Auxiliary Views
  8. Creating a Primary Auxiliary View (“Folding Line” Approach)
  9. Creating a Primary Auxiliary View (Cutting Plane Approach)
  10. Plotting Curves in an Auxiliary View
  11. Secondary Auxiliary Views
  12. Summary

Chapter 5: Cross Sections

  1. Overview
  2. Strategies for Determining Cross Sections
  3. Shapes With a Uniform Cross Section
  4. Non-Uniform Cross Sections
  5. Working With “Blended” Shapes
  6. More Complex Cross Sections
  7. Summary

Chapter 6: Developments

  1. Overview
  2. Geometric Solids
  3. Forming Three-Dimensional Shapes
  4. Cubes and Boxes
  5. Cylinders
  6. The Helix
  7. Prisms
  8. Cones
  9. Pyramids
  10. Spheres
  11. Polyhedrons
  12. Summary

Chapter 7: Transitions and Intersections

  1. Overview
  2. Transitions
  3. Intersections
  4. Shortcuts
  5. Summary


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APPENDIX A: Computer-Based Drawing Tips

APPENDIX B: Working With Template Images

APPENDIX C: Printing Your Plans On Paper



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