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Here's what people have been saying about the MODEL DESIGN & BLUEPRINTING HANDBOOK, Volume 1:

This book is definitely a hit with readers and reviewers alike. Featured in the "Spotlight" section of FineScale Modeler magazine's September 2007 issue, reviewer Aaron Skinner called it "a scratchbuilder's delight" and a "must-have for anyone interested in scratchbuilding." He went on to say: "Although it looks and feels a little like a textbook, the material is readable and accessible -- even for a non-mathematician like myself."

Another great review, this time from Windsock Worldwide (the WW-I modeling magazine formerly known as Windsock International). Respected author and journalist Ray Rimell says the book is "a veritable treasure-trove of techniques from an author well-versed in his subject." He goes on to call it "an unmatched resource for model creation. . .For any budding scratchbuilder, in whatever medium and/or scale, the book is an absolute must and will amply repay careful study of the many and valid techniques its author so graphically espounds. Laid out in logical sections and steps, the whole creative process is outlined from A-Z and beyond in some cases! No mere review can do the content justice. . .even if you are an experienced modeler of many years' standing, I'd be really surprised if you didn't find some fresh, new, workable ideas. . ."


Steamboating Magazine likes this new book, and has the following to say: "The book, while aimed at modelers in the 'scale model' sense of the word, can easily be used by those wishing to build full size. It is not specific to any particular model genre. . .and the concepts and methods taught are appllicable over a wide range of projects. . .With the copious illustrations accompanying very clear text, you can learn the basics necessary to get started. . .One of the topics covered is the creation of 3D models from 2D drawings and photos. . .With the information in this book you can build an authentic replica (or 'modification') from the barest of information. This alone is worth the $29.95 price."

Yet another positive review has been posted, this one from ModelGeek.com: "If you want good solid reference on designing models and creating blueprints for them, this is it." Read the complete review here.

"I picked your book up from the Starship Modeler tables at this year's Wonderfest and was very pleased with what I saw. I'm never one to buy something like this without flipping through it first, and after doing so, there was no hesitation in knowing that I wanted this book on my shelf. . .I'm very pleased with it, and I hope you're able to continue onto Vol. 2." Michael Anderson, Southeast Michigan

Cybermodeler.com has just posted a positive review: "This is cool stuff and all at a VERY reasonable price! Definitely recommended!" Read the complete review here.

ModelShipWrights.com has posted a glowing review: "Hands down. . .this new manual and further volumes in the series are going to change the face of future scratch building, all for the better! Overall Rating: 95% -- Definitely recommended." Read the complete review here.

StarshipModeler.com has posted a glowing review: "Overall Rating: 10 - a must-have for the serious model builder." Read the complete review here.

"Got my book today and it's excellent. Haven't put it down yet. . .Great stuff!" -- John Froehlich

". . .it is fantastic." -- Steve Dixon, St. Louis MO

". . .it's clear, informative, and not at all intimidating (whilst avoiding oversimplifications)." -- Roger Todd, London England

". . .I got my copy today, and may I say, nicely done! . . .there's a wealth of information I can use!" -- Bob Pauly, Grafton WV

"WOW! Fantastic quality. If you have no idea how to make scaled drawings this book will teach you." -- David "Blappy" Guertin, Ontario, Canada

"Very well done. It's thoughtful, clearly written, and very approachable. A great way for the hobbyist to 'take it to the next level.' Thanks Charles." -- Steven Lee, Boston MA

"I've worked in all facets of engineering for almost 28 years. . .I have to say, [your book] is one of the most concise and easy to follow publications I've seen in a long time. . .You've done a fine job of taking some of the pseudo-mystery out scratch building. I'm sure even a novice could apply the techniques described in your book. . .Thank you for your fine work. This pub will have a place on honor in my shop." -- Joseph Melvin, Hillsboro MO

". . .you need this book in your collection. Simple as that! . . .The fact that the book makes most of its points with pictures -- instead of relying on text and your imagination -- makes it far better than any of the other sources of information that I've used in the past. . .it looks like a goldmine, worth several times its purchase price. I mean just that -- it is not hype. . .the standard drafting books aren't directed at this (scale modeling) audience. . .This book covers what we scale modelers need to know. . ." -- Ward Shrake, Raton NM

". . .it's certainly what I'd hoped for. . .I came across a few new and different ways of doing drawings. Well worth the price. Unless you only like to put kits together, straight out of the box, I would recommend getting this book. I'll definitely get the next volume. . .I'm having a great time reading it." -- Frank Henriquez, Los Angeles CA

"Very well done! The first few chapters were a wonderful review of a lot of the basics I'd forgotten from machine/architectural drafting I'd learned in highschool. . .This book is very exciting and long over due -- I'm really looking forward to Vol. 2." -- George Seletas, Youngstown OH

"I received mine yesterday, and have been delighted with it. . .The information on what to do for making working drawings (and more importantly, what makes up a bad view) is worth the price of the book on it's own!" -- Joseph Brown, Oak Ridge TN

". . .it is great, even more than I hoped for. . .as I read more of your book I learn more and more. . .I am looking forward to your next book so please let me know as soon as it comes out." -- Scott Adams, Lake Worth FL

". . .this is an excellent book for someone like me who wants to learn more about both drawing and reading plans/blueprints. It's well written and full of useful information. For anyone on the fence about getting this book, it seems to me to be money very well spent. . .The book is really just what I needed to make progress in the model building world. You've done a great service. I wish you all the best with this one. And I'm looking forward to the rest of the series. Keep up the great work."
-- Ted Alexander, Los Angeles CA

"Excellent book! . . .I was learning new things just while flipping through it quickly for the first time. For me that's always been the #1 'buy me now' sign of a good instructional book, and this one had it in spades. I'm now very much looking forward to volume two. . . .If the next book is as well written as this one, I hope to finally be able to make the jump from paper & pencil to computer blueprinting."
-- Michael Nare-Pazan, San Diego CA

"I am a Boilermaker by trade and, although I read drawings every day, my knowledge of the process of converting a 3-view into a workable set of plans was minimal to say the least. You have shown me how it should be done, and for that alone I am truly grateful, I will definitely be purchasing the next volumes as they become available." -- Graham Sandstrom, Sydney Australia

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